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Public Green

If Varese is called the "Garden City", Castellanza can rightly be called the "City Park". Inspite of its long industrial history and the building of several palaces, the city of Castellanza can boast a record to say the least. It’sthe primacy of equipped urban green areas, that is areas used as small parks and gardens of the neighborhood with games for children, areas for dogs, etc.(Equipped with fruition paths, benches etc.), for public use.

Overthe years, the city has managed to preserve large green spaces that now represent a valuable green lung. A lung that, thanks to the considerable work carried out in recent decades, reaches 202 415 sqm. This means approximately 14.00 sqm of green spaces per capita compared to the number of inhabitants.

A number which is not only well above the provincial average, but also to all the neighboring towns of the province.

If we add to this the Park of the Alto Milanese (an equipped area) that is within the territory of the municipality of Castellanza, we reach a total of 728 670 equipped sqm that is nearly 50 sqm. per inhabitant.

Huge numbers when compared with the national average.

According to the latest report from Istat (which considers the year 2011), in Italy the urban green has an average 2.7 percent of the territory of the provincial capitals (meaning more than 550 milion square meters). Again on average, every resident has 30,3 sqm available. The more limited availability is found in the Centre (23 sqm per inhabitant) and the North-West (24.3 square meters). In the cities of the Northeast the average-value is almost the double of the Central and North-West cities (45.4 square meters per inhabitant) and also in the South it is comparatively high (37.1 sqm between the cities of the Southand 26, 7 sqm of the Islands).

Andwe are talking about urban green spaces, i.e. the one that includes the green town, villas, gardens and parks that have artistic or historical interest and characteristics of uncommon beauty (protected by the Code of Cultural Heritage), the green areas (such as small parks and gardens of the neighborhood), the areas of street furniture (bike lanes, roundabouts, traffic isles etc.), school gardens, urban gardens , outdoor sports areas, the areas designated for urban forestry and other types of urban green spaces such as botanical gardens, zoos, cemeteries, green fallows.

In short, Castellanza fully deserves the title of "City Park".

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