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Castellanza has two suburban lines. One on the Simplon line (STIE) one onthe ridge of the Valle Olona (FNM) and the railway “Trenord” Milan-Saronno-Novara and Milan-Malpensa (Malpensa Express).
You may find customized solutions and travel connections throughout Lombardia on the web-site of the Regione Lombardia named "Muoversi inLombardia".


Public Bus Transport

Castellanza is crossed along the Simplon axis by the bus-line STIE Gallarate-Legnano. The bus-stops are located at Buon Gesù (border with Olgiate Olona), Via Matteotti, No. 2, via Matteotti (near LIUC University). The line continues north up to Gallarate (terminus railway station), via Busto Arsizio (railway station); south to Legnano (terminus Sempione former Ospedale) passing through Sempione route.
STIE urban lines of Legnano and Busto Arsizio, cross the centre of both cities.
At via Matteotti / via Piave (former Simplon's cross-line) you can also find the bus stop Valle Olona bus-line (from Busto Arsizio to Fagnano Olona).
The ticket Casellanza / Legnano costs € 1.40, Castellanza / Busto Arsizio €1.80 (prices of March 1, 2015). For more see www.stie.it.


This Bus Service follows the route Tradate - Busto Arsizio - Legnano passing through Valle dell’Olona (Fagnano Olona, Cairate, Lonate Ceppino, Gorla Minore and Maggiore, Marnate and Rescaldina). The stops are in via Marnate, 7, viale Italia 110 and the train station Trenord in Via Morelli.
The ticket from Castellanza to Legnano /Busto Arsizio costs € 1.40. The website FNMautoservizi shows all service details, please also see the site "Muoversi in Lombardia" which offers travel solutions throughout Lombardia.




TheTrenord Station of via Morelli is situated on the line Milan - Saronno - Novara and Milan Malpensa (Malpensa Express): the first has its terminus at Milano Cadorna, the second at Milano Centrale. Trains run every hour (on the Novara line every 12 and 41 minutes toward Milano Cadorna and 18 toward Nonvara; Malpensa direction trains have a frequency every 55 minutes towards Milan Centrale and 05 towards Malpensa) with extra runs on peak-times. The journey takes about 30 minutes. The cost of the ticket toward Milano is € 3.60.
Formore details and travel options see the web site www.Trenord.it